Mary's Vision

Colchester needs a Master Plan. We need to identify who we are as a community, who we want to be and what it will look like when we get there. A Master Plan would determine our vision, our goals to achieve this vision, and our long-term future as a town.

Colchester is a town of 16,000 people. Is this the right size? Do we want to grow? Things would look a lot different with 20,000 residents. Do we want our quality of life here to be good? Average? Excellent? 57th Best?


The answers to these questions will guide our thinking and determine our priorities. These answers will drive decision making and budgets. Without these answers, we may implement projects which are “one offs” for ideas that seem to make sense at the time. However, where do these decisions fit into the bigger picture? Where do they fit into the future?

I believe every person in the Colchester community has ideas about how we can strengthen our future. My primary job as First Selectman is to be a convener of this wisdom and listen. I will bring the stakeholders together and work to formulate a shared vision where each member of our community can identify his/her place, value and benefit. Everyone will have a chance to be heard. Every suggestion will be considered, and then and only then, will I lead the decision making, based on the priorities we establish together.

I will provide the leadership to help us find our place as a community driven to excellence, because nothing less is acceptable.

Our beliefs drive our behavior. I believe Colchester is a wonderful community with many talents and resources. I will move Colchester toward the future with a Master Plan focused on excellence and I will do it by seeking out and listening to the people who make this community great.

Mary, why are you running for First Selectman?

I am running to bring your voice to the table to ensure Colchester moves forward in a way that is meaningful to the community, addresses our current needs and positions us for a successful future.

Mary, why are you the best candidate? Why should we vote for you?

I bring a lifetime of leadership experiences and a proven track record of identifying opportunities and creating a pathway to success.  I don’t do this by myself. I bring the stakeholders into the conversation. I build teams. I gain consensus. I listen and provide the support for the people’s voice to guide the way.  I work to develop a vision and then build a plan to achieve this vision and I take action to put the plan into place.

Mary, what experiences do you have to qualify you to run the town of Colchester?

I have over 30 years of leadership experience, leading hospitals and health systems, to provide outstanding care.  In these roles, my success came from bringing together the people who understand what is and is not working and then providing them the support and resources to move these challenges and roadblocks, celebrating successes along the way. I serve in many roles which contribute to the town.  I am on the Board of Education. I am a member of many community organizations and attend many boards and commission meetings to broaden my knowledge of the town’s successes and opportunities.