Community First with Mary Bylone


Mary Bylone is an active member of the Colchester community. With diverse local experience as a member of the Board of Education, the Colchester Lion’s Club, the Colchester Garden Club, and the Colchester Business Association, Mary is in tune with the needs of our community and she has the experience to deliver real results. Mary began her career as a nurse and has over 30 years of leadership experience as a healthcare professional. She moved to Colchester over a decade ago, choosing our town because of the incredible community and natural beauty that she gets to enjoy every day with her wife and four dogs.



Colchester needs leaders that think ahead and plan for our future. Mary will take the time to listen to residents and bring people together to think about Colchester’s long-term future and develop a plan to drive Colchester’s growth and development.



Promote economic development and bring better-paying jobs to Colchester by identifying opportunities for business growth and minimizing bureaucratic red tape for businesses and farms.

Provide a continuous focus on public safety and security with an emphasis on developing 24/7 emergency services coverage.

Enhance accessibility for seniors in a new and expanded facility where support for additional programing and transportation is key.

Support ongoing growth and excellence in public education by working with community stakeholders.

Increase opportunities for recreational activities at the Rec Plex and Town Green and designate more foot and bike paths.


Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
It's Mary's birthday! 🎈🎂🎈How's she celebrating? By doorknocking of course! Will you help us wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by making a special birthday donation to her campaign?
Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
This election is about a lot more than just First Selectman. I'm honored to be on a team with Rosemary Coyle for Board of Selectman, Michael Hayes for BOF, Gayle For Town Clerk, and Christos Stravoravdis for BAA. Follow them and vote for all of us on Row A on November 5th!
Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
Another great morning at the Colchester Farmers' Market! The market is a great way to shop local, support our agricultural community, and see your friends and neighbors!
Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
I was lucky today to meet Connecticut's Kid Governor Ella Briggs. It was an inspiration to hear her speak so bravely about LGBTQ youth in our state. Ella is a great reminder that no one is too young to make a difference in their community. Thanks to Cragin Memorial Library for hosting this special event.
Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
Today is the National Day of Encouragement — and I think we could all use a little encouragement these days. I know it's easy to get discouraged or even scared about the future, but every one of us has the ability to make a difference in our community. Everyone does this in different ways, but one thing we ALL can do is VOTE (and not just in presidential election years!)

THIS November, we will have a major choice to make about the future of our town. Will we go backwards or will we vote to move Colchester forward with bold leadership to help revitalize the community we all love? I know I'm voting to move Colchester forward. That's why I'm running for First Selectman.

Today, I'm encouraging everyone to get excited about this chance we have and to learn more about what's at stake in this election. Positions for Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, Board of Education, Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, and more are all on the ballot this year and there is a great slate of qualified, smart Democratic candidates running to serve our community.

Please support them and me by making your voice heard by voting Row A on November 5th! #CommunityFirst #MovingColchesterForward
Mary For Colchester
Mary For Colchester
This is what a unified team looks like! Vote Row A on November 5th!